Hamillroad Software Launched

Daniel Badea Company, Hamillroad Timeline


24th July, 2012

On 22nd July 2002, Hamillroad Software was officially launched. Hamillroad Software is an independent software-company, with offices in Cambridge, UK and Cape-Town, South Africa, specialising in the development and sale of specialist software products relating to Harlequin RIPs in the pre-press industry.

Hamillroad Software CC was founded in late 1999 by Pierre Hammond, Robert Miller and Shaun Rhoda. Hamillroad Software CC has for several years been quietly researching and developing a number of technologies. That work has produced a unique range of products developed from hard-earned experience on the print shop floor. These products provide a much-needed set of enhancements to the Harlequin RIP that will greatly extend the features and functionality that it provides. They are now at the stage where they are ready for commercial exploitation, and Hamillroad Software is ready to bring these products to market.

Hamillroad Software Limited was founded in May 2002 by Andy Cave, the ex Chief Designer of the Harlequin RIP for over 12 years and former founder member of Harlequin Limited (now Global Graphics Software Limited). As a sister company to Hamillroad Software CC, Hamillroad Software Limited provides some joint development activity and is heading up the sales and marketing for this unique range of products, that will be launched over the coming year.

According to Robert Miller, Director of New Product Development at Hamillroad, the range of products will “Achieve productivity benefits and performance enhancements that Harlequin users have been sadly deprived of, and asking for, over many years. We look forward with great excitement to the opportunity of breathing fresh life into some of the older Harlequin RIPs that are out there”.

A mixture of international distributors, dealers and Harlequin OEMs are in the process of being signed up to market and sell the products, the first of which is due to be announced shortly. Previews of the first product to be released and details on the full product range will be available to selected press over the coming months. However, we can say for now that over five separate products have either been developed, are in the process of being developed, or are nearing completion, with more to follow.