Auraia in Prinergy (AiP)

Overview of Auraia in Prinergy (AiP)

AiP (Auraia in Prinergy) is a comprehensive integration of Hamillroad’s Auraia DMS (Digitally Modulated Screening) technology for lithographic printing into the Kodak Prinergy® workflow.

The seamless integration allows operators easy access to the Auraia DMS screening options within their familiar Kodak Prinergy® environment. Migration to Auraia DMS is made simple as AiP follows the existing Prinergy workflow methods and techniques to progress a job from PDF to plate.

AiP integration at a glance:

  • Uses Kodak’s RBA (Rules-Based Automation) tool
  • Integrates Hamillroad’s Auraia RIP engine
  • Allows for quick migration to Auraia DMS
  • Simple deployment and commissioning
  • Minimal user training required
    Prinergy functionality remains available
  • Includes a management dashboard

Relax, you know what you're doing...

With AiP you “do what you did before” with Prinergy.

AiP utilizes your existing data and methods including:

  • Configuration Data
  • Imposition Data
  • Process Plans
  • Layout and Orientation
  • Plate Curves
  • Harmony Curves
  • DeviceLink ICC Profiles
  • GCR
  • Web Growth Profiles
  • Sheet Marks
  • Slug Lines
  • Output Destination
  • Output TIFF Name

With Auraia in Prinergy existing jobs are easily converted across to Auraia DMS.

A simple transition to AiP

With AiP installed, moving from your current screening to Auraia DMS is a well-defined process.

You utilize your existing Final Output Process Plans, making minor changes such as applying a different curve for Auraia DMS, or adjusting the required amount of web growth.

The installation and training of the AiP system is a quick process and can be done using remote access tools within one day.

Auraia in Prinergy (AiP) Diagram
Auraia in Prinergy (AiP) Diagram

Auraia DMS benefits:
  • Proven ink savings of >10% *
  • Reduced water consumption of ~10%
  • Reduced waste
  • Improved stability on press
  • High-fidelity image reproduction
  • No moiré
  • Increased tolerance of mis-registration
  • Reduced web growth
  • *Over and above any ink savings from GCR

Benefits of AiP:
  • Smooth transition to printing with Auraia DMS
  • Seamless integration of Auraia into Prinergy
  • Save time and money with increased automation
  • Free up resources for more important tasks
  • Increase job volumes
  • Eliminate manual touch points
  • Reduce manual errors

Minimum System Requirements:
Kodak Prinergy®
Kodak Workshop
Windows 10 Pro, Windows Server 2012 R2, or Windows Server 2016

Auraia, DM Screening and DMS are trademarks of Hamillroad Software Limited.
Kodak® and Kodak Prinergy® are trademarks of Eastman Kodak Company.
All other names are trademarks of their respective organisations.

Optimize your heatset web printing business with Auraia in Prinergy (AiP)

Annually, more than 500 billion pages are printed using Auraia DMS worldwide by our customers.
We are here to help optimize your web offset printing business. Please complete the form below and one of our representatives will follow up on your Auraia in Prinergy (AiP) enquiry as soon as possible.

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Auraia DMS is protected by the following patents:

  • UK Patent 2473475
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  • US Patent 8,654,400
  • US Patent 8,654,401
  • US Patent 9,508,031
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  • Chinese Patent ZL201080051176.X
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  • Other patents pending