Partner Program

The Hamillroad Partner Program is aimed at establishing mutually beneficial relationships with providers of complementary products in the printing and graphic arts industry.

The areas of interest for the Hamillroad Partner Program for DMS products includes:

For software:

  • RIPs
  • Color Management systems / software
  • Workflows

For hardware:

  • CTPs
  • Processing / exposure units
  • Measuring devices
  • Presses
  • Aniloxes

For consumables:

  • Plates

To enquire about the program please email:

Bellissima DMS

The Partner Program aims to ensure best of breed solutions which deliver on seamless functionality and consistent levels of print quality across all market sectors.

It ensures that partners can successfully collaborate and promote their technology alongside our own, through engaging marketing campaigns and activities.Gerald Carey, Marketing Manager Hamillroad Software

Press Manufacturer Partners (PMP)


Bellissima DMS

Flexo Plate Setup and Quality Control Partners