Auraia DMS – Increase Productivity

Auraia DMS uses a unique and smart algorithm to lay down carefully controlled and robust dots on plate. The result is faster make-ready, and a more reliable production experience so that Publication Printers can print more chargeable jobs!

With Auraia DMS, there is no need to be restricted by problems with moiré, misregistration, rosette drift, color shifts, banding, dot gain variation, dot or shadow loss and so on. Our clever screening technology for your heat-set business will help optimize your print room operations and deliver a number of efficiencies and cost savings.

From its very first day, we could see that the image was cleaner and smoother and gave a significant improvement in the image quality. Now we have high-definition print!
La Voz de Galicia, Spain

How is this possible?

Due to our patented DMS technology, you will benefit from:

  • Reduced web breaks
  • Fewer bindery jams
  • Decreased fan-out
  • Faster drying times


Auraia DMS offers heatset web customers an increased press latitude and improved long-run stability throughout the press run with

Greater press stability

  • More stable color
  • Stable shadow dots
  • Stable highlight dots

No plates remakes

  • Ability to move color
  • Eliminate plate remakes with curve corrections

How is this achieved?

  • Less critical registration
  • Reduced CTP/press issues
  • Anti-piling technology
  • Anti-banding technology