Lightning Plugins

Lightning TIFF, Lightning PDF, and Lightning LEN are high-performance output plugins for the Harlequin RIP designed to replace standard TIFF and PDF output plugins and to create Esko-compatible LEN files.

High-performance compression

At the heart of the Lightning plugins, is a broad range of highly optimized, high-performance algorithms for implementing the standard compression methods required to create TIFF, PDF or LEN raster files. These, along with the multithreading capabilities, make Lightning plugins the output plugins of choice for the most discerning users and demanding applications.


Taking advantage of the latest multi-core CPUs, the Lightning TIFF/PDF/LEN plugins are multithreaded to provide the maximum performance on today’s hardware. This feature offers the highest performance possible for last-minute production of time-critical jobs.

Data formats

Lightning Plugins provide the option to generate the following files:

Lightning TIFF
  • Standard TIFF files
  • Tiled, single-file CMYK + Spot color TIFF files
  • Single-file frame-interleaved TIFF files
Lightning PDF
  • Standard PDF files
  • “ASCII (Hex)” encoded PDF files
Lightning LEN
  • Standard and Extended LEN files
  • Intel (Little Endian) byte order LEN files
  • Motorola (Big Endian) byte order LEN files

Compression formats

As well as the compression formats supported by the standard TIFF/PDF/LEN plugins, the following formats are also supported:

Lightning TIFF
  • CCITT Fax Group 3 1D/2D and Flate
Lightning PDF
  • CCITT Fax Group 4
  • CCITT Fax Group 3 1D & 2D
  • LZW and Packbits
Lightning LEN
  • Flate (ZIP) with a selectable compression level from 1 to 9

Conventional and (extended) template-based naming

Lightning TIFF/PDF/LEN provide numerous controls for conventional based naming and an extended set of template variables for template-based naming.

Advanced file and job scripting

In addition to post-processing particular files, Lightning TIFF/PDF/LEN also provide post-processing for each job. This feature combined with the ability to place all output from a job into its unique folder allows for sophisticated customisation by writing post-processing scripts to perform additional tasks.


Lightning TIFF

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Lightning LEN

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