Hamillroad Partner Program

Hamillroad Software Launches New Partner Program

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Hamillroad Partner ProgramHamillroad Software Launches New Partner Program

16 October 2018

CAMBRIDGE, UNITED KINGDOM – Hamillroad Software today announced the launch of the Hamillroad Partner Program aimed at establishing mutually beneficial relationships with providers of complementary products in the printing and graphic arts industry.

Commenting on the launch of the partner program, Hamillroad CEO Andy Cave said: “We’re committed to developing exemplary technology solutions for the prepress and print industry. Aligning ourselves with other technology providers will allow us and our partners to gain significantly deeper insights and a much greater understanding of each other’s products and how they interact. This partnership will not only help further develop and improve our respective products but also achieve greater functionality and integration, to the ultimate benefit of our customers.”

Potential partners are providers of products, which support Hamillroad’s Digitally Modulated Screening (DMS) prepress solutions: Auraia DMS for offset / lithographic printing, and Bellissima DMS for flexographic printing.

Hamillroad’s Bellissima DMS technology for flexo has gained enviable attention since it launched at Label Expo Europe in September 2017. This attention includes winning the FTA’s 2018 Technical Innovation Award, the Label Awards’ 2018 Award for Innovation, as well as the FlexoTech’s 2018 Innovation Award. All Bellissima DMS partners will enjoy the benefits of being associated with the technology and the interest the innovative product brings to the industry.

Danielle Kinsella, marketing director at Hamillroad, said: “We want to hear from companies who wish to work with our partners and us to create transformative solutions for the printing industry.”

Kinsella continues: “The partner program aims to ensure best of breed solutions which deliver on seamless functionality and consistent levels of print quality across all market sectors; it ensures that partners can successfully collaborate and promote their technology alongside our own, through engaging marketing campaigns and activities.”

The areas of interest for the Hamillroad Partner Program for DMS products includes:

For software:

  • RIPs
  • Color Management systems / software
  • Workflows

For hardware:

  • CTPs
  • Processing / exposure units
  • Measuring devices
  • Presses
  • Aniloxes

For consumables:

  • Plates

The first of the programmes to officially launch will be the Bellissima DMS Press Manufacturer Partner (PMP) Program. The PMP will be managed by Apex International, the global distributor of Bellissima DMS.

Hamillroad invites companies wishing to join the partner program to get in touch via email at partners@hamillroad.com