FirstPROOF Standard

FirstPROOF Standard is an entry-level but powerful prepress soft-proofing workflow product that allows for easy tracking, viewing and checking of ripped jobs prior to output. When added to an existing Harlequin, Esko-Graphics, Presstek DI or any TIFF-based RIP it provides a significant improvement in proofing jobs before output.

The high-performance viewing capabilities allow users to efficiently navigate around a job, zooming in and out to check the layout and content. In doing so, users of FirstPROOF Standard can check for basic prepress issues before exposing film, burning plates or worse still printing pages, thus saving valuable time and money.

Amongst the many features is the ability to search for a given job (by name), see a thumbnail of the pages in a job, see the overall ink coverage of each separation (with either '0%' or '>0%' indicating a blank separation or one with just crop marks and color bars), view either a composite of the pages in a job or each separation in a page, delete jobs or separations that are blank or contain errors and output jobs that contain no errors.


  • Search multiple RIPs to find a given job
  • View jobs from remote RIPs without stopping output / prior to output
  • Unique Trap Black tool that allows the user to easily check black traps
  • High-performance remote (LAN) image viewing - pan, zoom, rotate and flip
  • Job control - approve, reject, delete and output jobs
  • Positional tools - coordinates, adjustable rulers, gridlines and guidelines
  • Color tools - background paper color and opaque inks
  • Modern UI - job hierarchy, job information, page thumbnails, navigation window and tooltips

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High-performance viewing

At the heart of FirstPROOF is a high-performance viewing engine that is capable of viewing high-resolution data from Harlequin, Esko Flex (LEN), Presstek DI or any TIFF RIP. FirstPROOF allows the user to zoom in and out rapidly and to pan and rotate the view in real-time to see what has been RIPped in the job. Any mistakes or problems in the job are easily detected, allowing the user to guarantee that what is printed will be right the first time.

Job control

Jobs that have been viewed can be either temporarily marked as approved/rejected or permanently output/deleted. Annotation notes can be attached to each job.

FirstPROOF Standard customization options

Advanced View Tools

This consists of all the Advanced View Tools in FirstPROOF Professional, such as the Measurement Tools, Ink Limits Tool and Duplex View Tools

Page Modification

This consists of the Crop, Rotate, Merge and Knockout Tools

Printing and Export

This consists of the printing and export capabilities of FirstPROOF Professional

Scum Dot Removal (Clean Tool)

This consists of the Clean Tool, used to remove single isolated pixels for either Flexo or Screen printing

Color Management

This consists of the color management (color-accurate viewing) capabilities of FirstPROOF Professional

 *There is a supplement of 50% per year per license for each of the Option packs, such as the Advanced View Tools option. See the Documentation for further details on the various Options.

Technical Specifications

Operating systems supported

Windows 11
Mac OS X (Intel) 10.6 and up

RIPs supported

Harlequin RIP versions 3 and 4 with limited functionality
Harlequin RIP versions 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9
Harlequin RIP version 10 (Multi-RIP, both 32-bit and 64-bit)
Harlequin RIP version 11 (Multi-RIP, 64-bit only)
Esko Flex RIP (LEN format)
Presstek RIP (DI format)