Hamillroad broadens South American Coverage: Appoints Alpha Clicheria as Trade-Shop Partner for Bellissima DMS in Brazil

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Hamillroad broadens South American Coverage: Appoints Alpha Clicheria as Trade-Shop Partner for Bellissima DMS in Brazil

Alpha Clicheria - HD Flexo Bellissima Brazil

10 December 2020

CAMBRIDGE, UNITED KINGDOM – UK-based prepress company Hamillroad Software announces today that it has appointed Alpha Clicheria, a flexographic plate-maker, to take its Bellissima DMS screening to market in Brazil.

Brazil is the fifth-largest packaging market globally, and the demand for producing sustainable packaging is increasing in the region.

Adriano Godoi, Commercial Manager at Alpha Clicheria, comments: “Alpha is a pioneer in researching and developing new technologies. We knew that to stand apart from our competitors, we had to find something new and innovative not built around the conventional AM screen”.

“When we discovered Bellissima, we realized the potential to expand our business, offering ultra-HD flexo print to our customers and gain a commercial advantage over our competitors’.

‘DM screening is superior to anything available on the market; we’ve made Bellissima our screening of choice for all plate-making jobs. We have successfully helped our wide web flexible customers replace rotogravure with flexo due to the Ultra High-Definition 137LPC / 348lpi printed results of Bellissima’.

Adriano continues: “Since adopting Bellissima in 2019, our customers are amazed by the print quality, but they are more impressed by the reduction in process costs – shorter setup times, coupled with increased productivity – the ability to run their presses faster than before, in some cases by 20%! The results on press are consistent and repeatable from the beginning to the end of the run’.

Pierre Hammond, Commercial Director at Hamillroad, adds: ‘Bellissima ultra HD flexo delivers more visually compelling products allowing trade shops to take work from competitors. It is also key to the lucrative new revenue stream; no compromise replacement of rotogravure at flexo costs.

‘This narrative around Bellissima’s fidelity is, however, just one part of the story. Converters and printers using Bellissima continually feedback about the additional benefits Bellissima brings to the press room: faster make-ready, reduced waste, fewer plate changes, reduced ink use, faster press speeds, and stable long-runs – all result in increased sales and bottom-line savings for the business!’ Concludes Pierre.

If you are a printer wishing to try Bellissima on press near you, please visit the Bellissima Network page on the Hamillroad website: www.hamillroad.com/the-bellissima-network/

We are growing our trade shop and converter network in countries where we do not have a trade shop partner. If you are interested in supplying Bellissima DMS as part of your flexographic printing business, please get in touch via email: bellissimanetwork@hamillroad.com or complete the form online: www.hamillroad.com/bellissima-resellers/

Caption: Alpha Clicheria, reception area

Caption: Alpha Clicheria, meeting room

Caption: Alpha Clicheria, prepress department

Caption: Alpha Clicheria, plate-making department

Caption: Alpha Clicheria, Bellissima flexo test form


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Hamillroad Software specializes in Digitally Modulated Screening, which provides unparalleled screening technology for Lithographic (Auraia DMS) and Flexographic (Bellissima DMS) printing.

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About Alpha Clicheria
Established in 1999, Alpha Clicheria is a company that encompasses technology and innovations for the printing industry. Alpha is one of the top companies in the Latin American plate-making and packaging market.

Alpha employs professionals specialized in graphic processes, providing an excellent quality service from color management and prepress to packaging management, graphic consultancy, and training.

With more than 150 employees and branches in 4 states, it operates nationwide, serving customers from north to south of Brazil. Through new technologies developed by leading brands in the market, Alpha Clicheria is flexible and innovative in its service. www.alphaclicheria.com.br

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