Hamillroad expands in Asia Pacific region: Appoints ColoRole as Trade-Shop Partner for Bellissima DMS in China

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Hamillroad expands in Asia Pacific region: Appoints ColoRole as Trade-Shop Partner for Bellissima DMS in China

ColoRole - HD Flexo Bellissima - China

12 November 2020

CAMBRIDGE, UNITED KINGDOM – UK-based prepress company Hamillroad Software announces today that it has appointed ColoRole, a flexographic plate-maker, to take its Bellissima DMS screening to market in China from its offices in Qingdao, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.

China is actively seeking new techniques to improve sustainability across industries, and the ability to replace gravure with flexographic printing is one of the key areas of interest.

Paul Fang, CEO of ColoRole, comments: “We looked at Bellissima in 2018 and were impressed by the superb HD print quality of the screening for Flexo. We recognized Bellissima to be a product that we could use to attract brand owners to Flexo with its ability to replace rotogravure and offset jobs with Flexo without compromise.”

Commenting from Hamillroad, Pierre Hammond, Commercial Director, says: “China is an exciting market for Bellissima. There is a huge opportunity for Flexo to thrive and become the de-facto flexible packaging printing method.”

“By enabling no compromise gravure to flexo replacements, Bellissima DMS already has strong market support in South and North America and Europe, with Asia on track to follow this trend. With ColoRole pioneering the way in China, we look forward to disrupting the market there and beyond,” concludes Hammond.

ColoRole offers Bellissima DMS to brand owners and converters in China.

“With Bellissima, we’ve got the competitive edge – rivaling gravure print quality, with the ease and lower costs of Flexo – we are in pole-position to enhance and advance the market!” concludes Fang.

ColoRole office Qingdao, China

ColoRole plate making department, Qingdao China Bellissima Ultra HD flexo screening

ColoRole plate making department, Qingdao China

ColoRole Shanghai office, China

ColoRole Shanghai office, China

ColoRole prepress department, Shanghai Bellissima DMS Ultra HD Flexo print

ColoRole prepress department, Shanghai


About Hamillroad Software
Hamillroad Software is a global supplier of software solutions for the prepress industry. Hamillroad solutions help customers save time and money during all stages of the printing process while also improving the final printed image fidelity.

Hamillroad Software specializes in Digitally Modulated Screening, which provides unparalleled screening technology for Lithographic (Auraia DMS) and Flexographic (Bellissima DMS) printing.

Hamillroad Software has its headquarters in Cambridge, UK, and partners with resellers and OEMs worldwide to distribute and sell their solutions. For more information on Hamillroad and their products, please visit their website at www.hamillroad.com

About ColoRole
ColoRole is a technical expert in prepress services, color management, and flexographic plate-making, providing the edge-cutting prepress technical solution to China flexo packaging customers. Currently, ColoRole has three offices:

  • ColoRole (Qingdao) is the main production base, responsible for the paper market and plate-making for China.
  • ColoRole (Shanghai) is the primary prepress operations and sales center for flexographic printing.
  • ColoRole (Guangzhou) is the marketing and sales center in Southern China. Guangzhou is responsible for sales of HD flexo printing and has future potential production availability.

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