Muralidhar Nalli, Managing Partner, Digiflex India Ultra HD flexo Bellissima

Bellissima DMS Now Available in India; Digiflex Appointed as Latest Bellissima DMS Trade Shop Member

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Bellissima DMS Now Available in India; Digiflex Appointed as Latest Bellissima DMS Trade Shop Member

Digiflex HD flexo Bellissima India

11 January 2021

CAMBRIDGE, UNITED KINGDOM – Prepress company Hamillroad Software announced today the appointment of Digiflex, one of India’s leading flexographic plate-making companies, to take its Bellissima DMS screening to market.

Digiflex, a leading flexographic platemaker based in Hyderabad, India, has a mission to continuously improve its business processes and productivity; equipping its clients with the most up to date technology.

Muralidhar Nalli, Digiflex CEO comments: “When we decide to invest in the latest technology and equipment, we research the market to offer something new that gives our customers and us a unique selling proposition.”

“From day one, we developed a customer-focused culture within the business; we listen to the needs of the market and look to address the challenges with technology and people. The Indian market is rich in rotogravure printing for flexible packaging. Still, as brands and printers look to adopt more environmentally friendly and cost-effective approaches, flexographic printing is seen as the preferred printing application to address these concerns.”

“We have seen many Bellissima print samples, from promotional to production pieces, and they are photographic quality prints. We lead the India print market in redefining flexo plate and print quality – Bellissima gives our customers and us an economic and competitive advantage over rotogravure. We are very excited about the future by introducing this technology.”

Pierre Hammond, Commercial Director at Hamillroad, said: “The team at Digifex are a good fit with Bellissima. They have a clear understanding of where technology meets the market’s needs and are very proactive in their approach. We expect them to be very successful in India.”

“Brand owners are looking for a no-compromise solution to replace gravure, and since its launch in 2017, Bellissima has replaced gravure production jobs globally. We’re also seeing users exploit Bellissima’s long-run capabilities in anger, with a 2.0 million linear meters wide web flexible packaging run completed on just one set of MacDermid LUX ITP 60 plates. Our mission is to continue building on this and make Bellissima the cost effect Ultra-HD flexo print solution for all flexible packaging.”

If you are a printer wishing to try Bellissima on press, please visit the Bellissima Network page on the Hamillroad website:

We are growing our Bellissima Network in countries where we do not have a trade shop member. If you are interested in supplying Bellissima DMS as part of your flexographic printing business, please get in touch via email: or complete the form online:

Muralidhar Nalli, Managing Partner, Digiflex India Ultra HD flexo Bellissima

Caption: Muralidhar Nalli, Managing Partner, Digiflex

Digiflex reprographics and design team Ultra HD flexo India Bellissima

Caption: Digiflex reprographics and design team

Digiflex Team India Ultra HD Flexo Bellissima print packagaing

Caption: Digiflex Team


About Hamillroad Software
Hamillroad Software is a global supplier of software solutions for the prepress industry. Hamillroad solutions help customers save time and money during all stages of the printing process while also improving the final printed image fidelity.

Hamillroad Software specializes in Digitally Modulated Screening, which provides unparalleled screening technology for Lithographic (Auraia DMS) and Flexographic (Bellissima DMS) printing.

Hamillroad Software has its headquarters in Cambridge, UK, and partners with resellers and OEMs worldwide to distribute and sell their solutions. For more information on Hamillroad and their products, please visit their website at

About Digiflex
Digiflex is one of the leading suppliers of flexo plates in India. Uniting all of Digiflex’s activities is its value system. A strict code of ethics, an unstinting commitment to customers & employees, and a well-defined management philosophy form the core of the Digiflex organization.

As a company focused on creating the highest level of satisfaction for its customers by fulfilling their current and anticipated needs in an exemplary manner, we envision Digiflex as an innovative and ethical company that excels in its products, business processes, and relationships.

At Digiflex, we place great emphasis on our staff, salespeople, and engineers. We hold them to the highest ethical and professional standards and share with them good corporate citizenship. We are firm believers in teamwork, quality, efficiency, and competitiveness.

Our Mission
Our mission is to continuously improve all our business processes and productivity to achieve a level of excellence that is vastly superior to all others in the industry. We also aim to provide our clients with an honest, knowledgeable, and responsible service by educating them using the resources available to us to make informed decisions and choices.

Why Digiflex?
Digiflex is driven by its commitment to provide the highest quality flexo plates and prepress services to customers that enhance their competitive edge and effectively fulfill their current and foreseen needs. Through an empowering management style, a network structure, and open communication at all levels, Digiflex provides a caring and nurturing environment wherein each member is naturally inspired to give his / her best. It is this value system that guides Digiflex’s evolution as an ethical, learning, and innovative organization.

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