Hamillroad Welcomes MPS to the Bellissima Press Manufacturer Partner Program

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Hamillroad Welcomes MPS to the Bellissima Press Manufacturer Partner Program

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13 May 2021

CAMBRIDGE, UNITED KINGDOM – MPS, a global manufacturer of flexo, hybrid, and offset press solutions, has gained the prestigious status of Bellissima DMS Press Manufacturer Partner (PMP).

The Partner Program aims to establish mutually beneficial relationships with providers of complementary products in the printing and graphic arts industries.

Hans Poortinga, Global Manager MPS Technology & Expertise Centers, comments: “Bellissima DMS is bringing the quality of flexo to a higher level, not only in terms of printed image quality but also productivity and reproducibility. Bellissima really does ease the whole process, from pre-press with reduced file preparation through to printing with faster set-up, thus reducing the overall total process time.”

Inge Smolders, MPS Manager Marketing & Communications, said: “Bellissima perfectly fits our mission to empower our customers in achieving the maximum results from their press. Print quality is an important aspect of this, and the results of printing with Bellissima on our presses are astonishing. Bellissima contributes to reducing costs and increasing efficiency in the pressroom, which helps our customers improve their overall performance.”

Commenting on the partnership Danielle Kinsella, Marketing Director at Hamillroad Software, adds: “We’re delighted to have MPS on board as a partner. The interest in Bellissima screening continues to grow worldwide, and our work with press partners, like MPS, allows flexo printers to experience Bellissima’s benefits firsthand at demo centers.”

“Over the past few years, we have collaborated with MPS on various projects and produced outstanding flexo print samples that compete with gravure and offset. This year an independent consultant conducted a cost savings test using Bellissima at MPS’ facilities in The Netherlands; the results will be available soon! We look forward to pushing the boundaries of flexo together.”

If you are a flexographic printer or brand owner interested in seeing the results on press with Bellissima and MPS, please get in touch with Hamillroad Marketing: marketing@hamillroad.com

Image caption: Left-Right: Hans Poortinga, Global Manager MPS Technology & Expertise Centers, and Inge Smolders, Manager Marketing Communications, MPS Systems B.V. (The photograph was taken before the Covid 19 Pandemic).


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