What matters most for your web offset printing business?

Reduce your printing costs

Using Auraia DMS, your heatset printing business can expect to achieve ink savings in the region of 12-18% (up to 35% measured). These savings are in addition to any already achieved using GCR software.

How is this possible?

Our patented Stochastic Rosette maximises the amount of ink-on-paper and minimises the amount of ink-on-ink.

AM (Amplitude Modulated) dot structure - uses larger dots

DM (Digitally Modulated) dot structure - uses smaller dots

AM dot - ink volume

DM dot - ink volume

The image above shows DM dots (top) compared to AM dots (bottom). There is a thinner ink film thickness with the DM dots compared to the thicker ink film thickness of the AM dots.

8-10% reduction in water

You will typically see a 8-10% reduction in water using Auraia DMS.

Because there is less ink placed on each dot, you will need to reduce the levels of water in the press which reduces the amount of water used during the press run.

Reduction in energy costs

With less ink being used, the drying process is reduced meaning that less heat (gas) is required to dry the substrate.

Reduced waste

With Auraia DMS you will achieve reduced waste and faster make-ready times due to less critical registration.

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We have noticed that since we started using Auraia, our monthly ink costs have decreased noticeably while our sales and production have increased.
Star Press

Since changing to Auraia, I have been able to reduce our ink profiles by between 15-20%, whilst still maintaining solid ink densities. Needless to say, my M.D. was delighted to hear this, as it translates into real cost savings.
Parkes Print Group

Increase your saleable output

Using Auraia DMS, you will realize increased press up-time which will result in printing more saleable jobs.

How is this possible?

Due to our patented DMS technology, you will benefit from:

  • reduced web breaks
  • reduced bindery jams
  • reduced fan-out
  • faster drying

Greater press stability

With Auraia DMS, heatset web customers see higher latitude on press and achieve improved long-run stability over the course of the press run.

  • More stable color
  • Stable shadow dots
  • Stable highlight dots

How is this achieved?

  • Less critical registration
  • Reduced CTP/press issues
  • Anti-piling technology
  • Anti-banding technology

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Compared to our previous attempt at improving quality using FM screening, Auraia gives us greater stability and repeatability during the printing process. Further advantages come from reduced drying time of our printed products, less ink smearing along the press paper path and an improved ink-water balance during startup and press runs.
Industrie Tipografiche Sarnub srl, Italy

Produce quality web offset print

In the dog eat dog world of print, printers are pushed and squeezed from all angles to deliver the highest quality product at the lowest possible cost while still meeting the exacting standards and demands of the print buyers.

The goal of magazine publishers is to sell magazines, but they care even more about selling advertising space to the brands which keep them in business. If advertisers do not feel that the fidelity of their print advertising does their products justice, they may pay less or, worse, take their business elsewhere.

Auraia DMS was developed specifically to address the issues of delivering the highest quality presswork at the lowest possible manufacturing cost.

The secret ingredient

Auraia DMS enables customers to easily print at a higher effective lpi than their competitors (200-250 lpi for newspapers and 400-500 lpi for commercial printers) delivering photo-real image quality to clients. And, in addition to the benefits of enhanced quality, printers also benefit from the inherent ink savings in the range of 12 – 18% (delivered over and above GCR savings), reduced waste, and lower energy bills.

Auraia DMS customers usually show a very attractive ROI within the first 12 months. Millions of magazines, catalogues, advertising brochures, books, and other printed materials are printed using Auraia every day.

Our biggest clients prohibit us from naming them, as they do not want their competitors to find out the name of their ‘secret sauce’.

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Even during severe climate and temperature differences, there were no fluctuations in production. The prints remain stable from the first sheet to the last and the press needs fewer corrections than before. What we print from almost the first sheet is of a high quality. Reprints can be reproduced immediately, with no delay.
Silber Druck, Germany

Compare Auraia DM Screening


  • Hilite dots down to 0.5% and less

  • Shadow dots up to 99.5% and more

  • Smooth flat tints (≤ 200 lpi, 30µ)
  • Smooth flat tints (≥ 250 lpi, 20µ)
  • Screen moiré free
  • Content moiré free
  • Color shift free
  • Noise shift free
  • High image detail - coated (350+ lpi)
  • High image detail - uncoated (350+ lpi)
  • Easy to plate
  • Easy to calibrate
  • Easy to print
  • Ink savings
  • N-color printing
  • Hexachrome printing
  • Useable on violet CtP
  • Useable on thermal CtP





Ink savings: DM 12 - 18% | FM 3 - 4% | CS 10 - 20%

Optimize your heatset web printing business with Auraia DMS

Annually, more than 500 billion pages are printed using Auraia DMS worldwide by our customers.

We are here to help optimize your web offset printing business. Please complete the form below and one of our representatives will follow up on your Auraia DMS enquiry as soon as possible.

Auraia DMS is protected by the following patents:

  • UK Patent 2473475
  • UK Patent 2473476
  • US Patent 8,654,400
  • US Patent 8,654,401
  • US Patent 9,508,031
  • US Patent 9,787,872
  • Chinese Patent ZL201080051176.X
  • European Patent 2476246 (in Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands and Switzerland)
  • Other patents pending