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Xitron Adds Option of FirstPROOF Plus Viewer to XiFlow v2.0

1st May, 2004

Hamillroad Software is pleased to announce that it has extended its contract with Xitron Inc to add the FirstPROOF Plus Viewer as an option to the upcoming release of XiFlow v2.0.

The FirstPROOF Plus Viewer is the core of the viewing technology at the heart of FirstPROOF PLUS. Offering an unprecedented set of soft-proofing tools along with market leading performance, it offers the ultimate in post-rip soft proofing. With its integration as an option into XiFlow v2.0, it offers XiFlow customers the most powerful post-rip soft-proofing system in the world.

The FirstPROOF Plus Viewer contains over seven additional tools and five features compared to FirstPROOF, some of which are completely novel and unique. The increased tool set contains specialised tools to check screen frequencies and angles, screen moiré, linearisation/calibration of output, trap sizes, step-and-repeat sizes and placement, ink saturation and press ink limits. Additional features include reporting of ink densities per-separation, improved methods for navigating around the viewed image and support for colored background/paper.

“We’re extremely pleased to extend our agreement with Xitron”, comments Robert Miller, Hamillroad Software’s Director of Product Development. “We’ve been very impressed with the development of the XiFlow workflow system and are proud that the FirstPROOF Plus Viewer is being offered as an option to provide it’s users with the advanced tool set that it contains.”

Xitron will be showing the FirstPROOF Plus Viewer integrated into XiFlow v2.0 on their stand at the upcoming Drupa 2004 exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany (in May), and expects to start shipping XiFlow v2.0 towards the end of this year.

“The FirstPROOF Plus Viewer provides Xitron users with additional productivity features including the ability to measure ink coverage, screen angles and frequencies, and check ink limits,” comments Bill Owens Xitron Navigator Solutions Product Manager. “Xitron initially integrated the FirstPROOF Viewer into our XiFlow workflow solution. Offering the FirstPROOF Plus Viewer, with it’s additional features and capabilities, is part of Xitron’s commitment to our customers to offer a configurable, modular workflow product. We are demonstrating XiFlow 2.0 with the FirstPROOF Plus Viewer at Drupa.”

About Xitron Inc.

Xitron, Inc., headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is an independent developer and integrator of Raster Image Processors. Xitron provides high performance systems including RIPs, print servers, imagesetters, proofing and multiplexing products as well as custom applications for the newspaper and commercial printing industries worldwide. For more information on Xitron and products please visit their Web site at http://www.xitron.com.