Brand owners face significant challenges in addressing sustainability concerns and escalating costs when determining the most environmentally friendly printing practices without compromising their brand's visual identity. To address these challenges, innovative solutions like Auraia DMS (for litho) and Bellissima DMS (for flexo) come to the forefront. These award-winning screening technologies effectively tackle the dual concerns of sustainability and rising costs, by significantly reducing ink usage while enhancing print quality.

Bellissima DMS, specifically designed for flexographic printing, goes beyond mere ink savings. It serves as a catalyst for Expanded Color Gamut (ECG) printing, bringing about additional environmental and cost advantages. This breakthrough technology not only enhances print quality but also grants brands greater flexibility in seasonal short-run printing, traditionally associated with digital printing. Bellissima DMS is also facilitating the switch from gravure to flexo, previously not possible due to a reduction in print quality. This shift away from gravure toward flexo, powered by Bellissima DMS, signifies a pivotal move for brands aiming to align with sustainable practices without sacrificing the high standards they demand and they currently achieve with gravure. The versatility and environmental benefits provided by Bellissima DMS make it a game-changer in the packaging industry, illustrating how technological innovation can usher in a more sustainable and flexible future.

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In the realm of magazine printing, Auraia DMS has become instrumental in driving down costs through substantial ink savings. This not only translates into commercial benefits for their businesses but also fosters increased customer loyalty because of the outstanding print results achieved with Auraia DMS. By consistently delivering sharp, legible text, and vibrant graphics on each print run, these screening solutions enable magazine printers to meet high-quality standards every time.

The reliability of Auraia DMS and the advanced capabilities of Bellissima DMS are transforming the printing landscape, demonstrating that sustainable practices can seamlessly align with visual excellence and cost-effectiveness in the magazine printing and the flexible packaging industry respectively.

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