Bellissima DMS


Bellissima DMS is the ultimate in flexographic screening delivering a previously unobtainable level of image reproduction for flexo.

Rivaling the quality of print typically associated with offset and gravure, Bellissima is challenging digital as the future for flexible packaging and labels.

Conventional AM/XM screen

175 lpi (actual)

Bellissima DMS Standard

300 – 400 lpi (equivalent)

Bellissima DMS eXtended

350 – 450 lpi (equivalent)

Bellissima DMS wins Gold Awards EFIA Ultra HD Flexo printing flexible packaging labels screening Bellissima DMS

Bellissima delivers the ‘WOW’ factor - we decided to go 100% Bellissima from day one

Mark Cook, CEO, Catapult Print
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Bellissima Digitally Modulated Screening utilizes innovative technology that’s a fusion of the best characteristics of AM, FM, XM, GS and CS screening while avoiding their limitations and problems. It dramatically enhances the quality and stability of flexo presswork.



Trade Shop

  • High-Definition (HD) images
  • Recreating smooth spot colors using up to 7 inks
  • Smooth fades to zero
  • No screen moiré
  • Exceptional shadow depth and details
  • Sharper reverse / tinted text at lower point sizes
  • Reduced repro (time & cost)
High Definition flexo print packaging printers


  • Faster make-ready
  • Ease on press
  • Using less ink
  • Reduced waste
  • Fixed palette - Extended Gamut (ECG)
  • Minimal training required
  • Utilising existing equipment
  • 2.0 million linear meters WW run length on 1 set of plates!
High Definition flexo print packaging and labels brand owners


  • Cross market consistency
  • HD images
  • On-shelf ‘WOW’ factor
  • Eye-catching promo print
  • Anti-counterfeiting print
  • Low cost flexo vs. offset and gravure

We’re converting more jobs to expanded gamut; this is helping our converter customers reduce job setup times and waste – a typical example of this is from 2 hours, down to 20 minutes

Diego Zarlenga, General Manager Fotograbados Lynch
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Bellissima under the microscope

The microscope photo is of a product, taken from a UK supermarket shelf.

The image on the left is of the product packaging printed using 175 lpi conventional screening.

The image on the right is of the same product packaging printed using Bellissima DMS Standard screening for wide web flexibles.

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