Hamillroad Software Appoints Hans Hjort as Senior Application Specialist

Hamillroad Software Appoints Hans Hjort as Senior Application Specialist

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Hamillroad Software Appoints Hans Hjort as Senior Application Specialist

Hamillroad Software Appoints Hans Hjort as Senior Application Specialist

Hans Hjort, Senior Application Specialist

17 March 2022

CAMBRIDGE, UNITED KINGDOM – UK-based prepress company Hamillroad Software has today announced the appointment of Hans Hjort as Senior Application Specialist.

With over 20 years of industry experience, Hans Hjort, based in Sweden, started his career as a prepress operator at Miller Graphics Scandinavia and has enjoyed success in a range of senior roles across the years. Hans has worked as Technical Manager for Marvaco and, more recently, as a freelance consultant specializing in prepress, automation, and color management.

At Hamillroad, Hans will oversee workflow integrations and software implementations. With a wealth of experience in color management and Expanded Color Gamut (ECG) implementation, Hans will utilize his prepress expertise to provide customers with additional training and enhanced support.

Hamillroad CEO Andy Cave commented on the appointment; “At Hamillroad, we pride ourselves on building lasting collaborative customer relationships. From day one, we work with customers to understand their needs and support their business goals. We strive to give an excellent level of service, something we feel is paramount to our success.”

“Our people are highly skilled and experienced in all areas of customer care, from initial project management to system installation and deployment, underpinned throughout by ongoing technical and commercial support.”

“I am confident Hans will be a great asset to the team; he brings a wealth of industry knowledge and prepress experience, which will enhance the support we can offer.”

Hans commented on his new role: “I am delighted to be joining Hamillroad. The opportunity to collaborate with the team and learn more about the technology, especially Bellissima, a product I have admired for some time, is something I am very excited about. In addition, the opportunity to work closely with Hamillroad’s customers to further their growth and success is something I am relishing.”

2021 was another successful year of growth for Hamillroad, with a significant increase in customers and technology usage, which will lead to additional staff roles announced later this year.


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