Hamillroad moves to new offices

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Hamillroad Software CC Moves to New Premises

21st July, 2004


Hamillroad Software C.C is pleased to announce that it is moving to new larger premises just outside Cape Town.

After the succesful launch of the company and its first product family, FirstPROOF, Hamillroad Software CC is moving from its small Cape Town office to new larger premises at Diep River, just outside Cape Town. The new premises have been completely refurbished and provide much needed space in which Hamillroad can expand.

Hamillroad Software CC was founded in late 1999 by Pierre Hammond, Robert Miller and Shaun Rhoda and started of life in a small one room office. Following the founding of its sister company Hamillroad Software Limited in 2002 and on development of its first product, FirstPROOF, Hamillroad Software CC moved into small offices in Cape Town, where it continued to develop and expand it’s software offerings. Having spent two years there and with the success of FirstPROOF, Hamillroad Software needed more space as it looks to expand and commence development on its second product range.

Hamillroad Software CC has for several years been quietly researching and developing a number of technologies. That work has produced a unique range of product prototypes developed from hard-earned experience on the print shop floor. These products provide a much-needed set of enhancements to the Harlequin and other RIPs that will greatly extend the features and functionality that they provide. They are now at the stage where they are ready for commercial exploitation, and Hamillroad Software is ready to complete development and bring these products to market.

According to Robert Miller, Director of New Product Development at Hamillroad, “We are extremely excited about the new products we will be working on over the coming year, but desperately needed to find larger premises to accomodate the extra staff we expect to take on. Our new premises which have been completely refurbished provide us with over twice our previous space in which to accomodate this and we look forward to expanding our software development team and building on the investment we are making.”