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Fusion Systems International Signs Contract to Sell FirstPROOF

21st September, 2004

Hamillroad Software, the market leader in Post-RIP Soft-Proofing Systems for Harlequin1 RIPs and TIFF2 based workflows, is pleased to announce that it has signed a contract with Fusion Systems International to sell Hamillroad’s FirstPROOF product range, including FirstPROOF PGB, FirstPROOF TIFF and FirstPROOF Plus.

FirstPROOF is Hamillroad’s post-RIP soft-proofing system, that runs on both Macs and PCs and allows users of Harlequin or TIFF based RIPs to ‘view and approve’ output from their RIP prior to imaging. With its high performance viewing capabilities, advanced tools and large feature set, FirstPROOF allows the user to carefully check output for page content, orientation, positive/negative, picture quality, vignette/blend smoothness, automated or manual traps, black traps, fonts, colors and colorant sets, screens and moire, ink limits, calibration and much more. This makes FirstPROOF a highly productive tool that will consistently save them time and money by getting their output right first time, every time.

“Fusion fits nicely into the profile we were looking for to expand sales of our products around the world,” comments Andy Cave, Chief Executive Officer of Hamillroad Software Ltd. “They are a longstanding and established Harlequin OEM, specialising in high-performance Mac OSX and Unix systems andwill play a key part in expanding the use of FirstPROOF as an essential tool for Harlequin and other RIP users”.

“We are really excited about the addition of the FirstPROOF solutions to our product offerings,” says Logan Herbert, Director of Business Development for Fusion. And he continues, “FirstPROOF is the ideal network soft proofing application for Harlequin RIPs allowing clients to easily view ripped data, zoom in and out to check traps, type and more while the RIP continues to process other files. FirstPROOF also works seamlessly with our Harlequin DigiPage ROOM plug-in to provide faster page based job processing, post-RIP page imposition and absolute digital integrity between FirstPROOF soft-proofing, low cost ink-jet proofing, film or plate generation, and the final printed work.”

About Fusion Systems International:

Fusion Systems International, headquartered in Portland, Oregon, is a leading independent developer of Mac OS X and Unix-Based RIP and prepress workflow solutions. For more information on Fusion Systems International and their products please visit their Web site at http://www.fusionsystems.com.