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Hamillroad Software Releases FirstPROOF TIFF / DUAL for Macintosh and Windows

12th October, 2003

Hamillroad Software is pleased to announce the expansion of it’s FirstPROOF product range to include two new offerings, FirstPROOF TIFF and FirstPROOF DUAL, with the current FirstPROOF product being rebadged as FirstPROOF PGB. FirstPROOF is Hamillroad’s popular ‘across the LAN’ soft-proofing and approval system which runs on both the Apple Macintosh and x86 Windows platform. By producing a version that works with TIFF files, Hamillroad has opened up its technology to the whole of the printing industry and is no longer restricted to just working with Harlequin RIPs.

FirstPROOF TIFF is a powerful ‘across the LAN’ soft proofing system built on top of the same high performance core as FirstPROOF PGB, but supports standard TIFF files instead of Harlequin RIP PGBs. It therefore contains the same set of powerful features that customers have come to appreciate, allowing users of any TIFF based workflow or RIP system to view and approve output prior to imaging. With its advanced features that include the ability to view files from remote workstations, zoom in & out, rotate & mirror flip pages and much more, FirstPROOF TIFF is a high-end production tool for users that will consistently save them time and money.

FirstPROOF DUAL is a product that combines both FirstPROOF PGB and FirstPROOF TIFF into a single economic package, thus allowing sites with a mixture of Harlequin RIPs and TIFF based workflow or RIP systems to remotely view and approve output prior to imaging.

“We’ve been getting numerous requests to extend our FirstPROOF product to work with TIFF RIPs [and files] for quite some time now,” comments Robert Miller, Hamillroad Software’s Director of New Product Development. “We are therefore very excited to now be in a position to offer those customers the ability to make use of FirstPROOF and all it has to offer with their non-Harlequin RIPs. The new additions to the range will make it possible for anyone to enjoy the unrivalled soft proofing performance that FirstPROOF has to offer.”

FirstPROOF TIFF / DUALis available immediately through Hamillroad Software’s partners, which include a number of dealers, distributors and Harlequin OEMs. For further details, please see our web site at

About Hamillroad Software

Hamillroad Software is an independent software group, with offices in Cambridge, UK and Cape-Town, South Africa. The company specialises in the development and sale of specialist software products relating to Harlequin and other RIPs in the pre-press industry. Offering real value for money, Hamillroad Software’s FirstPROOF is the first in a series of products that will dramatically change the way users work, making them much more productive. For more information on Hamillroad Software and its products please visit their web site at