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FirstPROOF Launched

Daniel Badea FirstPROOF, Hamillroad Timeline

Hamillroad Software Launches First Product

29th July 2002


Following the launch of its company, Hamillroad Software is pleased to announce the release of its first software product, FirstPROOF.

A soft proofing system, FirstPROOF allows users of the Harlequin RIP to remotely view and approve output from multiple RIPs prior to imaging. This is an essential tool for the high end printing industry where exposing film or burning plates can prove a costly exercise when mistakes are made, especially for CTP.

In use at a number of Beta sites for the last month, FirstPROOF has already proven it’s worth. Gavin Jones, one of the Owners of Syreline Process, a large Trade House based in Cape Town South Africa, specialising in Flexography and Digital Book Imposition said “FirstPROOF showed what a fantastic product it is on day one. We had a print job that contained an error and if not for FirstPROOF we may have had to pay for a costly print run. As a result, we saved a lot of money. At such a competitive price, this is an unbelievable product and an essential tool for all users of the Harlequin RIP”.

Priced at a very competitive £200/$300, FirstPROOF allows you to avoid those costly errors by checking output in detail. The software allows you to easily and quickly navigate around your job, zooming in and out to check the layout and content.

According to Robert Miller, Director of New Product Development at Hamillroad, “FirstPROOF will go a long way to replacing the conventional proofing systems that have been eliminated by the introduction of CTP systems. I am confident that FirstPROOF will help save both time and money as well as establish itself as an integral part of the proofing process”.

A mixture of international distributors, dealers and Harlequin OEMs are in the process of being signed up to market and sell FirstPROOF, the first of which is due to be announced shortly. Reviews of the product are due to commence with several trade magazines, and we expect significant interest in the product over the coming months.

«Don’t print it until you’ve FirstPROOF’d it»