FirstPROOF goes ‘native’

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Hamillroad Software Releases Native Mac Intel Version of FirstPROOF

26th May, 2006

Hamillroad Software, the world leader in Pre-Press Soft-Proofing Systems for Harlequin RIPs and TIFF based workflows, is pleased to announce the immediate release of FirstPROOF for the new Apple Intel platform.

The new Universal Binary version of FirstPROOF is fully compatible with Apple’s newest line of Macintosh computers based upon the recently introduced Intel processors. By taking advantage of the higher performance that the new Intel Macs offer, Hamillroad has been able to improve upon its already best in class FirstPROOF pre-press soft-proofing product.

“The release of FirstPROOF Standard and Professional for the Intel Macs shows our continuing commitment to our large and growing customer base”, comments Andy Cave, Hamillroad Software’s CEO. “We’re really pleased to be able to offer this as a free upgrade to all existing customers of FirstPROOF Std and Pro who want to migrate to the new faster Apple platform”.

The 3.1.4 release of FirstPROOF for the Intel Macs offers the same outstanding features found in previously released versions of FirstPROOF, providing users with high performance pre-press soft-proofing capabilities that consistently saves them time and money. Used by many thousands of pre-press operators world-wide, FirstPROOF enables users to view and approve output prior to imaging, to ensure that what is printed is right first time.

The new Intel Mac version of FirstPROOF improves upon this by doubling the performance compared to the older PowerPC based Macs. In benchmarks, a new 1.83 GHz Intel iMac running FirstPROOF outperformed an equivalent speed older PowerPC Mac by a factor of nearly 2.4.

“The added power and performance of the new Intel processors greatly enhances the soft-proofing and overall performance that FirstPROOF offers Mac users”, comments Robert Miller, Hamillroad Software’s Product Director. “We’re confident that they’ll thoroughly enjoy the benefits that this will give them in terms of increased productivity and as a result further savings in time and money”.

The new release of FirstPROOF v3.1.4 supporting the Intel Macs was first shown at Ipex at the beginning of April and has been in Beta test since then. It is available immediately through Hamillroad Software’s sales partners, which include a number of dealers and distributors. For further details, please see our web site at:

FirstPROOF v3.1.4 has also been made available to Hamillroad Software’s OEM sales partners. Specific information on their release plans can be obtained direct from the individual OEMs (see our web site at: ).

FirstPROOF v3.1.4 including a 30 day Trial version is available now as a free download from .