FirstPROOF 3.1 Released

Daniel Badea FirstPROOF

Hamillroad Software Releases Firstproof 3.1

24th November, 2005


Hamillroad Software, the world leader in Pre-Press Soft-Proofing Systems for Harlequin RIPs and TIFF based workflows, is pleased to announce the release of FirstPROOF v3.1, its powerful soft-proofing and approval system. With the addition of Tiled TIFF support in version 3.1, FirstPROOF is now able to work with TIFF output from Apogee, Prinergy, Rampage and Trueflow.

FirstPROOF,Hamillroad Software’s high performance pre-press soft-proofing system allows users to view and approve output prior to imaging. With dozens of powerful tools and features, FirstPROOF provides an invaluable tool to the pre-press department to soft-proof jobs prior to output, to ensure that what is printed is right first time.

The release of version 3.1 extends the formats that FirstPROOF supports to include Tiled TIFFs, so that users of Apogee, Prinergy, Ramppage and Trueflow can now enjoy the unsurpassed performance and tool set that FirstPROOF provides.

Furthermore, the release of version 3.1 of FirstPROOF contains a significant number of improvements; printing a hard-copy ROOM content proof has been significantly speeded up on the PC, a Notes panel has been added which allows the user to annotate job info, a Selection [Set] Manager has been added which allows for automatic de-imposition of commonly used imposition schemes, and along with several other additions, many of the existing tools and features have been further enhanced.

“Over the years we’ve had numerous requests for FirstPROOF to work with Agfa, Creo, Rampage and Screen RIPs.” comments Robert Miller, Hamillroad Software’s Product Director. “We are really excited that with the release of FirstPROOFv3.1, users of those systems will finally be able to benefit from the many powerful tools and features that FirstPROOF has to offer”.

“With faster zooms, quicker previews and the ability to approve/reject or annotate job info, FirstPROOF v3.1 is even better than before.” said Gordon Reed, Prepress Manager of Goldstream Press (USA), a long time FirstPROOF user. “Easy to use, fast, efficient and with tremendous support, what else can I say! I would highly recommend this product to anyone who’s not tried it before”.

FirstPROOF v3.1 has been in Beta test since early October and is available immediately through Hamillroad Software’s sales partners, which include a number of dealers and distributors. For further details, please see our web site at:

FirstPROOF v3.1 has also been made available to Hamillroad Software’s OEM sales partners. Specific information on their release plans can be obtained direct from the individual OEMs (see our web site at: ).