FGS Spain Signs Bellissima DMS Contract

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FGS Spain Signs Bellissima DMS Contract

26 November 2018

CAMBRIDGE, UNITED KINGDOM – Aniken Graphics is pleased to announce that Flexographic Solutions S.L., has signed a contract for the multi-award-winning Bellissima DMS flexo software. Through this contract, FGS becomes the exclusive Bellissima DMS trade-shop partner for Spain and Portugal covering the wide web and corrugated markets.

FGS conducted extensive trials with customers out of its facility in Barcelona, Spain with great success, before entering into the contract.

“Once we started evaluating the Bellissima DMS technology and seeing the results on press we knew we were working with something really special” comments Joan Rodriguez, Technical Director of FGS.

Rodriguez continues: “Several of the customers (printers) were quick to approve and insist that Bellissima DMS be used for all their designs. The first trial ended up turning into a production run – this was unheard of! Our customers (printers) are very pleased that the quality of the printed image is better than before – there is much less process waste, the length of the run, wide web – typically in excess of 30,000 meters, is consistent, and ultimately we’ve given them added value which they can pass onto their customers (brands) and so everyone is happy!”

Andy Cave, CEO at Hamillroad Software comments: “We’re delighted that FGS has seen the visual benefits of using our DMS technology but is also benefitting from Bellissima commercially.”

“To make flexo output look better is easy. However, to deliver genuine commercial benefits: reduced costs and process waste, increased productivity and the ability to compete with digital, rotogravure and offset on image-fidelity, is much harder. With Bellissima, we can empower the flexographic industry in a way which was previously unimaginable.  We are transforming the image of flexo and FGS have a not-so-secret weapon in their armory”. Cave concludes.

Nick Harvey, Technical Director at Apex, adds: “This is an important milestone for the Bellissima DMS technology, and I am pleased that FGS has taken the next step into transforming their business. Last year we brought a new idea to the table, a new approach to help an industry under attack. We knew that for flexo to stay relevant, for it to compete in the rapidly changing packaging landscape, it would require the power of a few key products used collaboratively, to address the challenges that the industry faces today.”

“Gone are the days of the ‘secret sauce’ mentality, the flexographic print industry must unite and collaborate using the best of breed technologies available. Using Bellissima DMS screening in conjunction with Apex GTT 2.0, we deliver unrivaled quality and enable exceptional print consistency; we deliver on ECG / fixed palette, we achieve the fades to zero and, additionally, we help overcome the obstacles typically faced to date by flexographic plate-makers and printers. We’ve armed them with a solution to win business from gravure and offset, to reduce their costs as well as those of their customers, and to elevate “flexo” to be the premier print process for the future. The combined technologies of the screen, plate and anilox are delivering the results for the forward-thinking flexo trailblazers like FGS” concludes Harvey.

“MacDermid Graphics Solutions have worked closely with FGS for the last five years, and they were one of the early adopters of our LUX® ITP™ plate technology platform. They have always been a leader in bringing innovation to the markets they serve so the news regarding Bellissima comes as no surprise”, said Christian Quiot, Regional Sales Manager of MacDermid Graphic Solutions.

“I recall the first samples I saw from FGS using Bellissima were outstanding.  I’m certain that they will further widen their solution into other sectors of the market quickly with Bellissima,” added Andy Beesley, Sales Director EMEAR of MacDermid Graphics Solutions.

Commenting on the news Ryan Vest, Global Director of Innovation at MacDermid, said: “I always enjoy seeing our products in use across the global flexo industry, but to see the combined execution of MacDermid plate technology and Bellissima screening in the manner that FGS has accomplished it – is extremely satisfying. We are honored to work alongside partners with this level of capability and skill.”

Bellissima DMS

Hamillroad Software’s multi-award-winning Bellissima DMS enables customers very easily to create high-quality prints with unrivaled image reproduction, equivalent to 350-450 lpi, all without color shifts on misregistration.  Further, the screening enables the easy adoption of fixed palette ink printing and delivers smooth flat tints and moiré free prints. Vignettes fade smoothly to nothing enabled by printed highlight dots as low as 1.0% and shadow dots up to 99.5%.

This patent protected screening includes features such as surface patterning options for 100% solids and solid object protection. It significantly reduces or even eliminates typical on-press problems such as bounce, barring, and slur. Bellissima DMS also delivers on ink savings which can be augmented by GCR based software, improving the efficiency of press rooms and utilizing existing printing press equipment.

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Phase One sales of Bellissima DMS includes trade shops, converters, and flexographic printers.

To learn more about the benefits of Bellissima DMS, please visit www.bellissimadms.com.

Pictured L-R: Luis Sampedro, CEO, FGS, Kris Sentek, Bellissima Sales Director EMEA, Apex, and Joan Rodriguez, Technical Director, FGS


About Aniken Graphics International
Aniken Graphics International is a joint venture between Apex International, a global anilox and metering solutions provider, and Hamillroad Software Limited, a UK based software company specializing in pre-press solutions. The joint venture has been created to bring Bellissima Digitally Modulated Screening into the mainstream flexographic market. www.anikengraphics.com

About Apex
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Hamillroad Software is a global supplier of software solutions for the prepress industry. Hamillroad solutions help customers save time and money during all stages of the printing process while also improving the final printed image fidelity.
Hamillroad Software specializes in Digitally Modulated Screening which provides unparalleled screening technology for Lithographic (Auraia DMS) and Flexographic (Bellissima DMS) printing.
The FirstPROOF solution allows users to simulate errors which may occur on press before plates are made. It helps users save valuable time and money during the pre-press process.
In addition, their Lightning Plugins work with the Harlequin RIP to improve the output speed of TIFF, PDF or LEN files by up to 4-10x or more, making the prepress screening (RIP output) process faster and more efficient.
Hamillroad Software has its headquarters in Cambridge, UK and partners with resellers and OEMs worldwide to distribute and sell their solutions. For more information on Hamillroad and their products, please visit their website at www.hamillroad.com

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Flexographic Solutions S.L. ”FGS” is a company specialized in flexographic avantgarde prepress. Producing direct engraving sleeves and best quality plates. Offering add value services with personal consulting, service for advanced workflow automation and process management.
A renewed and avant-garde company, which has the support and experience of a team of professionals with more than 20 years in the flexographic sector in the most important companies and pioneers in our country.
Brand Owners and top printers industry are those who have bet on this new Project, which positions us to master the challenges of today’s globalization, in the midst of a market as demanding as competitive, we work to be the greatest reference of our sector. Learn more at www.fgs.es.

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