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Hamillroad Software Publishes DM Screening Sample Book


11th April, 2012


CAMBRIDGE, UNITED KINGDOM — Hamillroad Software, a leading RIP and screening innovator, today announced the publication of their Auraia-II Sample Book exhibiting real-world works of DM screening. Developed for the printing community, the 94-pp book compares and contrasts the benefits achieved with DM Screening. The Sample Book is available on a first-come, first-serve basis and free of charge, but is limited to one book per request with a total worldwide distribution of 2,000 books. To request a Sample Book, email and include a shipping address and contact information.

Sample Book Reviews

Commenting on the Auraia-II Sample Book, Professor Hans Kellogg, Professor in Graphic Arts Management at Ball State University, USA said, “I just received the Sample Book and to say I am excited is an understatement! I am forcing myself to read the complete explanations; without flipping to the back and looking at the results. It is almost like someone reading the latest in the Harry Potter series and wanting to flip to the end to see what happens.”. After studying it in detail, Prof. Kellogg went on to say “I just finished the Auraia Sample book and I must say, it is very impressive. What is most striking are the smooth tonal renditions of the vignettes (and flat tints) and its ability to hold open the subtle detail within the deep shadows. Very nice!”

Kevin Caughtry, Sales Manager for Compose System in the United Kingdom and Ireland, said, “It’s a fantastic marketing tool for showing a printer just what they can achieve with Auraia-II; how they can improve their print quality, reduce pre-press and press issues and save money whilst doing so”. Kevin went on to say “The first Commercial Director I showed it to almost fell of his chair with excitement when he viewed the printed examples and immediately committed to running a print trial. The response has been very overwhelming at all levels of the printing industry”. Note: Compose Systems will be exhibiting at Drupa 2012: Hall 9, Stand E31. Ask for Kevin.

Sample Book Details

Each Auraia-II DM Screening Sample Book contains 15 real-world jobs, including invoices, shipping notes, letterheads, compliment slips, business cards and company brochures on a wide range of stocks from 70 gsm uncoated NCR paper through to 350 gsm silk coated board. Each sample is printed on the left hand side with a 175 lpi AM screen and on the right hand side with Auraia-II for easy comparison. On the front of each sample is a narrative providing background information on the job and what benefit the printer was seeking in using DM Screening. To push the envelope and provide a wider range of comparison, some jobs were also printed using a coarser 133 lpi AM screen or a finer 250 lpi AM screen.

At the back of the book are two technical pages, one on coated and one on uncoated, showing some more specific technical benefits of Auraia. These are followed by four ICC prints, of a 175 lpi screen and Auraia both on coated and uncoated stocks, that were used to measure the press (tone) curves used to align the color of Auraia with the 175 lpi screen. The complete book was plated on a violet CtP device, so an additional fifth ICC print was included which was plated on a thermal CtP device so as to enable a direct comparison of the results from the two competing plate technologies.

In addition to eliminating many (if not all) of the issues with conventional screening and producing higher quality results, press ink duct settings were recorded for one of the jobs which clearly shows that ink savings of up to 20% are achievable (depending on job) at the same time as producing the higher quality results. This enables an incredible ROI to be obtained with a relatively small investment in the technology, allowing a printer to increase their profitability and business.

About Auraia-II

The company’s new DM-II screening technology, “Auraia-II”, is a revolutionary innovation that enables high-end violet and thermal CtP devices to produce images that emulate the quality of a traditional 400-500 lpi screen for commercial printers and 200-250 lpi screen for newspaper printers. It ensures production of rosette-free, moir√©-free and noise-free flat tints that equal or better the smoothness of conventional screening. In fact several tests have proved that Auraia-II produces noticeably smoother flat tints than high-lpi conventional AM/XM screens.

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The Auraia-II Sample Book is available to the media, commercial printers / publishers, industry consultants / analysts, printing associations and printing colleges / universities worldwide. To receive a copy please contact and supply your shipping address and contact information.

The Auraia-II Screening module is available immediately through Hamillroad Software’s dealer network.

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